Intellectual Outputs

Intellectual Outputs

IO1 – Need Analysis on the use of a virtual pre-incubation Strategy

The goal is to focus on exploring and analysing the needs of young people regarding the operation of a virtual pre-incubator, in the field of innovation, as well as analysing the data that we will collect regarding their real needs in the phase after the conception of their business idea in other words, meaning while they are seeking the means to make it happen.

IO2 – Formulation of eBusiness Plans and development of prototypes

The prototype of the eBusiness Plan will include the fields: Company Description – Market Analysis – Organization and Management – Products and Services – Innovation – Marketing and Sales Plan – Financing – Benefits of using virtual pre – incubation tool

IO3 – Upgrade of the Become Busy Platform with Virtual Pre-incubating Tool of Business Simulation 

It is about the upgrade of the existing platform with the integration of a Virtual Pre-Incubator, as well as a MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) and a Digital Library based on the typology of an Open Educational Resource platform

IO4 – e – Educational Material of Virtual Pre Incubation Strategy for the Digital Library

Educational Material on the following topics: 

  • Case studies of pre – incubators and successful youth enterprises that have gone through a pre – incubation phase, 
  • Business management, risk management, marketing planning, etc.
  • Mentoring & Coaching Procedures to be used for e-Mentoring and e-Coaching 
  • Effective Pitching techniques 
  • How to access to financial resources 
  • How to approach Business Investors & Business Angels 
  • Non-formal learning activities for young people on youth entrepreneurship