Intellectual Outputs

Intellectual Outputs

IO 1 –Need Analysis on the use of a virtual pre-incubation Strategy
IO1 is the basis on which the rest of the intellectual products of the Become Busy 2.0 project will be built. The Needs Analysis that will be conducted aims to gathering as much information as possible in the field of pre-incubation of young business ideas in the partner countries so as to help us to develop a comprehensive understanding of the needs and issues faced by every young person who wishes to realize their business idea in a safe environment like that of pre-incubation. Also, it should be emphasized that the Needs Analysis is not a research nor an evaluation process, but a record needs and data and their interpretation will help us identify solutions and plan and plan our actions. In the given survey Our necessary goal is to focus on the investigation and analysis of the needs of young people regarding the operation of a virtual pre-incubator, in the field of innovation, as well as in the specialization of the data we will collect for their real needs in the phase after the conception of the business idea them, in other words in the phase of its realization, i.e. the period when they are active in order to implement it. We want to emphasize here that the Analysis of needs proposed here does not aim to collect data on young people’s perceptions and ideas about youth entrepreneurship and dealing with of states and their environment. These data are at our disposal, both from the extensive literature that exists and from previous results of our projects.
The Strategic Needs Analysis for the pre-incubator includes:
1. Gather information by conducting literature and internet research on the current state of business pre-incubation of new ideas in partner countries combined with digital & virtual services provided,
2. Analysis of the data to be collected,
3. Analysis and understanding of the real needs of young people in our subject
4. Register structures and resources in our object
5. Drawing conclusions and implementing a corresponding report in English and in the languages of the partners.
IO2 – Formulation of eBusiness Plans and development of prototypes: 
IO2 aims to formulate business plans and develop prototypes that can be used by participants in the C1 & C2 training activities. Prototyping in particular includes the stages of Creation, Evaluation, Design, Development, Testing and Starting a Business Plan. In this case, as the entire Project is structured around the development of a virtual pre-incubation tool and of young business incubation, the prototypes to be produced, as well as the business plans, will be in electronic form and using an appropriate application within the virtual pre-incubator. IO2 will also be in the Digital Library and used in our MOOC.
IO3-(Upgrade of the Become Busy Platform with Virtual Pre-incubating Tool of Business Simulation: 
The Electronic Business Simulation Platform “Become Busy – B.B.” was created during the implementation of the project Become Busy – BB and is a software increasing the abilities of young people in terms of business knowledge. The IO3 deliverable is about upgrading the existing platform by integrating a virtual pre-incubation tool of a business, the Virtual Pre-Incubator, as well as a MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) and a Digital Library will be developed based on the typology of an Open Educational Resource platform. The MOOC aims at participation without limits which provides open access via the internet, i.e. it will be developed to be used by a greater number of young people and youth workers, beyond those who will participate in the learning activities of the project. We aim for the MOOC to provide a interactive forum between users to support interactions between trainees, trainers and youth workers and to create a capable community size based on the strategy of virtual pre-incubation of young businesses. 

The Digital Library will be based on the Open Educational Resource typology which essentially provides free access to texts, media material and other electronic means (educational and training material) that can be used by the young people and Youth Workers who will be involved in the project. It will be in our Digital Library available IO4, material to be produced by partner SEAL CYPRUS as well as material to be collected and categorized here. Its advantages of OER typology is enough and for this reason it was chosen to be used in our virtual pre-incubator. The main thing is that the user can make use of it material with an open license (open license material), to use them in the educational process but also to enrich the Digital Library with material available his, whether he has produced it himself or collected it from free sources. Essentially, the virtual pre-incubation tool aims to upgrade the learning process that will help users acquire the tools and the skills needed to turn their ideas into a successful business startup.

The function of this tool is as follows:

a. the user has access to the Digital Library which will be enriched with the corresponding educational and training material and participates in the MOOC
b. presents his business idea in the specialized virtual space (e-Pitching)
c. receives feedback and counseling from a mentor, i.e. receives e-mentoring & e-coaching services
d. adjusts and improves his idea and proceeds with the presentation again (e-Pitching)
e. receives final feedback and counseling (e-mentoring & e-coaching) and prepares for Pitching to real Business investors, Business angels, etc.or. IO2 will also be in the Digital Library and used in our MOOC.
IO4 – e – Educational Material of Virtual Pre Incubation Strategy for the Digital Library:
The data generated by intellectual products IO1 and IO2 will be used to produce the appropriate educational material that will be introduced into the Digital Library and at the same time will be used in the implementation of learning activities C1 and C2. The production of educational material is absolutely necessary as we hope that the pre-incubator strategy will become a tool to strengthen the business knowledge of young people and, by extension, the educational material we want it to be innovative, original and rich to meet the many different needs of young people in partner countries.
This training material is expected to contain:
1. case studies of pre-incubators and successful businesses that passed the pre-incubation phase,
2. Theoretical approach to business management, risk management, marketing planning, etc
3. Mentoring & Coaching Processes to be used for e-Mentoring and e-Coaching
4. Effective Pitching to be used for e-Pitching
5. Access to financial sources
6. Business Investors & Business Angels
Activities of non-formal learning of young people, Ms.
The educational material that will be produced naturally and will be based on scientific and academic research, however will have a modern format (video, media, articles, surveys, team building activities, experiential activities, educational games) adapted to the interests of young people and youth works. Additionally, it will be done extensive research by partner SEAL CYPRUS to gather additional training materials which will be categorized according to their type and its object. This material will be Open Licensed and will be uploaded to our Digital Library, which will be based on the Open Educational Resource typology which essentially provides free access to texts, media material and other electronic means that can be used by young people and Youth Workers who will be involved in the project. The format of the e-learning material will be enhanced with media elements so that it is accessible and easy to use by our participants with fewer opportunities.

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