the project

Empowering young people by introducing entrepreneurship to them.

The “Become Busy – B.B.” project aims at empowering young people by introducing entrepreneurship to them. The type of empowerment the “Become Busy – B.B.”  Project suggests is based on the extensive use of ICT, wanting to combine two very innovative fields for the benefit of young people: youth entrepreneurship and ICT.

The economic crisis that began in the second half of the previous decade has created a particularly fragile situation for young people. As a result we see high unemployment rates among young people, rising levels of poverty and social exclusion, causing many of them to be forced to leave their country, and sometimes even Europe, and seek better opportunities. This whole situation leads to a brain drain in some Member States, which seems difficult to reverse.

Entrepreneurship is an important factor of economic growth and job creation: it creates new businesses and jobs, opens up new markets, improves productivity and generates wealth. Entrepreneurial mindset enhances young people’s employability. Entrepreneurship and, in particular, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are the backbone of the EU economy and are the most important source of employment for young people. In addition, youth entrepreneurship can be important in terms of autonomy, personal development and youth prosperity and therefore it can be seen as one of the solutions to combating youth unemployment.

Europe 2020 focuses significantly on young people, with the main goal of reducing the risk of poverty and increasing the proportion of young people at work. In this respect, it is recognized that education is of the utmost importance in shaping the attitudes of young people, their skills and it is vital that entrepreneurial education develops and becomes a mentality among young people. It should be borne in mind that entrepreneurship is not just about creating businesses but also about regulating the right environment for the development of a skilled, innovative, entrepreneurial workforce, able to anticipate change and face challenges.

This project responds precisely to the selected Priorities, creating an innovative interactive tool for developing skills and encouraging young people to put their business idea into practice (in a virtual online environment via a digital simulation platform of a business where they will have to face problems and develop business ) and at the same time evaluate their progress. The Become Busy – B.B.  Digital e-platform aims to become a European tool for business learning for young people and will therefore be available in English as the main language and in the languages ​​of the partners. Additionally, it will be accessible to every young person who wants to use it (open source software).


Project Objectives

Europe should invest in entrepreneurial education and training, create a healthy environment where entrepreneurs can evolve and grow by approaching specific population groups (such as the young people), and also strengthen the status of entrepreneurs as a model for young people. Societies that appreciate and reward entrepreneurial behaviour and business practices, such as strategic risk-taking and innovative thinking, are more likely to promote the tendency to develop new solutions to social challenges. In this context, the public’s perception of entrepreneurs should be more acceptable, entrepreneurship education should be increased and special attention should be paid to groups whose “voice is not strong enough” to be heard by the general public (young people, most of the time).

Through the Europe 2020 strategy and its flagship initiatives on “New skills and jobs”,  “Digital Agenda for Europe”, “Innovation Union”, “Youth on the move”, EU promotes and supports entrepreneurship by reinforcing Business culture and relevant knowledge, skills and competences that can enhance competitiveness and growth that is smart, sustainable and inclusive.

The objectives of the project are:

  1. To create an attractive, innovative, interactive, business promotion tool that will benefit many young people across Europe (E-Platform Become Busy – B.B.),
  2. To cultivate among young people (through non-formal learning) the concept of entrepreneurship, to help them become aware of and acquainted with the skills of an entrepreneur,
  3. To make participants in transnational seminars aware of their qualities and potential as European citizens and to interact in an intercultural environment free of stereotypes and bias,
  4. To spread the E-Platform “Become Busy – B.B.” to organizations active in the field of youth and entrepreneurship so they can use it as an innovative tool (in European and national level),

To strengthen the project’s Partner Organizations by expanding their network of collaborations.


 Quality Monitor Plan