Project Objectives

Project Objectives

Become Busy 2.0 is a continuation of the Become Busy project implemented by the Moderator, it builds on its results to go further & give essential foundation to young people interested in entrepreneurship, providing them with the most tools to achieve their goal. Through Research Needs & Investigation of Beliefs & Attitudes of Young People towards Entrepreneurship that we carried out at Become Busy concluded that young people who tend towards entrepreneurship want to be free from norms & creative, try different things, take risks & are less prone to the traditional concept of work. However, once again it was shown that they do not receive the required support, not even from their environment, nor by the state apparatus. We understood that there are many ideas & young people also who wish to implement them, but few move forward productive & commercial. Those who move forward need support from their first steps so that they can achieve their goals & not give up effort. The added value of BB 2.0 is its essential contribution to support the primary stage of maturing an innovative idea, creating & using virtual pre-incubator procedures.
Through this project, we give added value to the emergence of innovative ideas of young people we support their transformation into a business endeavor. The EU despite the particularly high interest in policies for its promotion & support entrepreneurship, has not yet managed to reach the desired results. We see that a small percentage of young people choose entrepreneurship (Eurofound (2015), Youth entrepreneurship in Europe: Values, attitudes, policies, Publications Office of the European Union, Luxembourg) while there are significant differences between Member States. In our partner countries, the percentages of young people between 15 – 29 years who turned to entrepreneurship is a discouraging fact which demonstrates that there is still a strong need to support young people in this direction. 
The goals set by the project are the following:
  • To create an attractive interactive environment for the development of business ideas that will give young people the necessary boost to develop as businessmen

  • To strengthen youths’ business skills through training on soft and hard skills

  • To make the pre-incubation process known to a wider audience, as well its operation & benefits to organizations active in the field of youth & entrepreneurship 

  •  Project partners to be trained in the services of the pre-incubator

  • Young participants to receive the necessary support & at the end of the project to be sure of their business future course.

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